Project Grit cuzine was born with the objective of enhancing the cultural and identity functions of gastronomy, in a cross-border perspective, as a meeting point between Italy and Greece. In this sense, gastronomy is a “mixture” that combines history, economy and society. History tells us how local gastronomy is evolved during centuries, considering food as a witness of the customs and traditions of a particular civilization. This kind of interpretation leads us to discover the hidden connections with our ancestors. Recipes and products are often elements surrounded by beliefs settled as time passes by and, even if these beliefs have lost their symbolic value, they still have a folkloristic function. Folklore: it’s a key word which reminds to culture and identity, but it is also the point from which we can look toward the social dimension of gastronomy, a meeting point of different civilizations, which all sit at the same table. From history to society: GrIt cuzine enhances common aspects between the Italian world and the Greek one, recipes and products are dialogic opportunities, but also elements of differences, intended as the possibilities to enrich our gastronomic knowledge. In the digital age this knowledge must be translated in a website: the sea in which flow the researches of each partner. The objective is to obtain a platform which should grant an easy, precise and curious accessibility to the gathered material. All researches will be used to create a “Gastronomic Dictionary”, the core of the project. A tool which aims to organize in an alphabetical way all the knowledge putted together by the partners; it will be a sort of narration of our points of contact and distances, a story of Italy and Greece. The cross-border dialogue of GrIt cuzine it’s also an opportunity to improve economy, considering local gastronomy the key to a new form of development. In this way local product can be seen both as a touristic attraction and an international possibility for the world of exportations. It is with this intent that comes a specific certificate issued to restaurants that are part of the project: a certification that aims to recognize all economic actors with a strong cultural identity. Grit cuzine inextricably firms and compresses the trinomial economy-society-culture in the word "gastronomy": a place of encounters and exchanges between territories with a common history, divided by a small portion of the sea.