Torre Santa Susanna

The alleged origins of the city Torre Santa Susanna concern two different historical periods. According to some scholars, in the Middle Ages the village it was given to the Basilian monks who fled from their land because of the iconoclastic persecutions. According to other scholars, instead, the origins are more remote and are to be found in the Messapian age. During this period, the village would be born by the will of Oria, aiming to get a new barn. In fact, the name "Torre" derives from the Latin Turris, in reference to the tower of the barn used for the storage of grain, however, this hypothesis is not supported by any archaeological evidence. The theory of its medieval origin is the one that remains the most plausible. The village was named after the saint to whom the chapel was dedicated, and around which developed the town. While the word "Torre" was added after the construction of the same building by the Angevins in 1378. Tower struck in 1823 for structural failure and rebuilt in 1837 with a spire containing the statue of the saint.

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