San Pancrazio Salentino

The territory of S. Pancrazio Salentino was already populated during the Messapian age, with a settlement subject to the same historical process of the neighbouring countries, becoming a Roman territory. With the fall of the empire it was conquered by the Goths, Byzantines and Lombards. Although the darkest period came with the attacks of the Saracens who knelt down the village, decimating the population. In order to encourage the repopulation of the area, the archbishop of Brindisi favoured the reconstruction of the village, also built by the baronial palace used as a summer residence by the archbishops of Brindisi. An event is still remembered: in 1547, the Turks stormed the city at night, making many prisoners inhabitants, which were then sold as slaves. The village then got the municipal autonomy in 1838. The name of the city is dedicated to the martyr Pancrazio, who lived under the reign of Diocletian.

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