Regarding the origin of the name Torchiarolo there are two theories. According to the first theory, the name derives from the Latin “torculum”, or press, in reference to the tool used in making wine and oil extraction. The territory is rich in vineyards and olive trees, which were the main resource of the village in ancient times. According to another theory the origin of the name would be linked to the war against the Turks, from which derives the term "punisher of Turks." Torchiarolo has ancient origins, was built as Messapian centre, by the inhabitants of the nearby Valesio, which was razed in 1157 by William the Malo, king of the Normans. The area was then conquered by the Angevins and Aragons. Torchiarolo in 1806 became a municipality belonging to the province of Lecce, with the edict of Joseph Napoleon, which abolished the feuds. It was only in 1927 that the city became part of the province of Brindisi

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